• The Beatles number 1 hits medley for the Belgian Brass ensemble
  • Utopia Hymn for the official inauguration of the Utopia Arts Centre Aalst


  • Two pieces for vibraphone and clarinet
  • Impression for recorder and classical guitar
  • Perpetuum Mobile for organ


  • piano pieces Songs of hope


  • release score Suite for organ at
  • release CD Concerto Continuo


  • The Rock, multimedia show based on the music of The Wall (Pink Floyd)
  • Faust, suite for clarinet quartet, commissioned by Theatre Abazjour Aalst
  • CD recording of Pianopieces I & II, Hommage (piano + violin) and Triptic (piano + basstrombone)


  • publication Hommage by Metropolis Music Publishing, a classical piece for violin and piano.
  • premiere Four pieces for brass quartet – publication by Metropolis Music Publishing soon
  • string quartet arrangements for singer Sarah Ferri
  • release 2nd single Blinded by Geike Arnaert, co-written by Karel


  • publication of piano books by Metropolis Music Publishing, ChildrenPiano pieces 1Piano pieces II
  • Bestiarium(Leonardo Da Vinci), a piece for youth female choir Caloroso in collaboration with composer Maarten Van Ingelghem and theatre writer Alain Pringels
  • publication Trinity by Metropolis Music Publishing, a piece for bass trombone and piano (or vibraphone)
  • The Mad King suite for the Royal Music Chapel of the Marines, performed in Oostende


  • compositions for the new project of Kyoko Baertsoen (Lunascape, Hooverphonic)
  • Trinity for bass trombone and vibes
  • arrangements for the project 3 x Goud, a music theatre on the occasion of 150 years Academie voor Podiumkunsten Aalst


  • Karel (piano) en Mieke Delauré (cello) accompany Geike Arnaert on September 10th at BOZAR in Brussels at the Klarafestival


  • official CD presentation of Radea at Blue Note Festival Ghent.
  • Radea, Chroma’s debut album. Singers David Linx and Geike Arnaert (Hooverphonic), Peter Hertmans (guitar), Ingrid Weetjens (vocals), Tuur Florizoone (accordion) and Peter Schneider (percussion) co-operate on the album
  • Conversations, a combination of jazz and fusion, with accordionist Tuur Florizoone (Tricycle) and actress Hilde Heijnen (Rupel, Matroesjka’s), playwright by Alain Pringels (theatre company ‘De Appel’ – The Hague)
  • Stop!: for this stalled project, Karel Van Marcke writes the music in a week based on existing choreography and libretto.


  • composition of several songs for the album Radea by Chroma.
  • music and arrangements for the children’s musical Commenius project performed by the children of the primary school Sint–Bavo–Instituut Ghent.
  • project Mijn Kapellekensbaan (‘My Chapel Road’) commissioned by the Aalsters Componistenplatform. A concert with a jazz ensemble together with a narrator/actor and a dancer, based on the novel by Louis Paul Boon. The spectacle was directed by Anton Coghe.
  • co-operation between Chroma and Hilde Heijnen for the Gentse Feesten (‘The Ghent Festival’).
  • arrangements for the musical theatre Moenie worrie nie! in Aalst.


  • Senses for Life wins the Sabam Composition Prize 2005 (European Jazz Contest in Hoeilaart).
  • foundation of jazz band Chroma.
  • Hommage for piano and violin commissioned by vzw Muza (Aalst).
  • Suite for Organ’, a classical organ piece, commissioned by the Internationaal Orgelfestival in Veurne.
  • music and arrangements for the children’s musical Commenius project performed by the children of the primary school Sint–Bavo–Instituut Ghent.


  • Rotary Wheels (Overture for a Stranger) commissioned by the Flemish Radio Orchestra.
  • guest composer at the Brussels Royal Conservatory on the occasion of the Belgian Jazz Composers’ Week.


  • project De Zotte Koning (‘The Mad King’): a multimedia jazz concert. A script by actor/director Alain Pringels based on a jazz composition by Karel Van Marcke with video fragments by Visual Kitchen and the voices of Eddy Vereycken and Hilde Heijnen. The sound processing is done by Köhn.
  • Remembrance, Jambangle’s second album.
  • Zappa Meets Bond: project by Jambangle with Kyoko and Tom Van Landuyt with work of Frank Zappa and film music from the James Bond movies.


  • tour with Jambangle for the JazzLab Series.
  • Trinity Song, Jambangle’s debut album.


  • Stringquartet 1 commissioned by Soloists of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Luxembourg. Rubio String Quartet played the Belgian premiere in June 2001.
  • Together with Michel Bisceglia and Werner Bellon, Karel Van Marcke arranges the music for the animated series Symfollies.
  • Jambangle performs on Radio Klara Day in Hasselt.


  • Changes wins the Sabam Composition Prize 2000 (European Jazz Contest in Hoeilaart).
  • ‘Sebastian Gampert’s Contrast Sextet’ receives the second prize for best performance of a Belgian piece.

  • eight compositions for Jambangle’s debut album: ‘Trinity Song’.
  • piano solo works Children.


  • Triptic: brass quintet for the Soloists of the National Orchestra of Belgium.
  • Ouverture for Symphonic Brassband: several compositions are performed during the final exam Composition and Arrangement by Erwin Vann, Stephan Brackaval, Michel Bisceglia, De muziekkapel van de Gidsen e.a.
  • Eurostar soundtrack for two promotional movies for the British High Speed . The movies were presented to Tony Blair and the British Parliament.
  • arrangements for large string orchestra commissioned by Michel Bisceglia


  • Variations on a theme called Equinox for large jazz ensemble.
  • Soundtrack for the V-lux promotion movie
  • Birth of the Monday Night Suite for large jazz ensemble.
  • Train tune for large jazz ensemble.