• co-author of Geike’s second single “Blinded”: Watch on YouTube
  • performance “Dances” for Symphonic Youth Orchestra: Jemoo (Gent) – concerts in Bristol, Bath… (UK) in July 2012
  • publication “Trinity”: work for bass trombone & vibes (and a version for piano)

Bestiarum, Kyoko and Trinity

Karel Van Marcke has been busy the last few months.

  • He’s writing “Bestiarium” (together with composer Maarten Van Ingelghem) for youth female choir Caloroso and pianoquintet. Based upon Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Bestiarium” and re-written by theatre dramaturg Alain Pringels.
  • Karel is also finalising demo recordings with singer Kyoko Baertsoen (Lunascape, Hooverphonic, Conjure One, Buscemi…).
  • Trinity” has been performed twice in Equador by bass trombone player Leonaar De Graeve (summer 2011).