Karel Van Marcke (°1967) graduated from the Royal Conservatory in Brussels with first prizes for music theory and classical percussion. He then obtained a Master’s degree in composing & arranging with a supplementary diploma in jazz piano.



  • “Songs from downhill” for cello and guitar – creation at the Musica@Parola festival (02/06) by the Edenwood Duo
  • “Songs from downhill” for piano solo – creation at Amuz – Middagconcerten Antwerpen (17/06) by pianist Bart Meynckens
  • “Songs from the past” for piano solo
  • “Remembrance” for cello and piano – created at the Musica@Parola festival (11/09)
  • songs and arrangements for the symphonic rock band Fossil Evolution
  • arrangement for string quartet – music by Luk Callens: Loneliness
  • arrangement for piano and two violins – music by Luk Callens: I Fratelli
  • composing C-ouverture, for piano solo
  • arrangements for chamber ensemble – music by Luk Callens
    • Ode aan Leopold
    • Il Notaio
    • Pamela
  • arrangements for jazz trio – music by Luk Callens
    • Julian’s Song
    • The winding road to love
  • The Beatles number 1 hits medley for the Belgian Brass ensemble
  • Utopia Hymn for the official inauguration of the Utopia Arts Centre Aalst
  • two pieces for vibraphone and clarinet
  • Impression for recorder and classical guitar
  • Perpetuum Mobile for organ
  • piano solo tour in Flanders and Brussels
  • Songs of hope (piano solo)

Young and Wild
Some Sweet Taters
For Progression
Au Travers de Bruxelles
Hélène’s Tune

  • release score Suite for organ at www.euprint.be
  • Concerto Continuo: classical solo piano and chamber music. Released in september 2015 and published by Bisceglia Publishing. Performed by Tom De Neckere (piano), Saskia Van Keer (violin) and Bart De Lausnay (bass trombone).
  • The Rock, multimedia show based on the music of The Wall (Pink Floyd)
  • Faust, suite for clarinet quartet, commissioned by Theatre Abazjour Aalst
  • Pianopieces I & II, Hommage (piano + violin) and Triptic (piano + basstrombone): cd recording
  • Hommage (Metropolis Music Publishing), a classical piece for violin and piano: publication
  • Four pieces for brass quartet (Metropolis Music Publishing): premiere
  • string quartet arrangements for singer Sarah Ferri
  • Blinded by Geike Arnaert, co-written by Karel, release
  • publication: piano books by Metropolis Music Publishing:
    • Children
    • Piano pieces 1
    • Piano pieces II
  • Bestiarium (Leonardo Da Vinci), a piece for youth female choir Caloroso in collaboration with composer Maarten Van Ingelghem and theatre writer Alain Pringels
  • publication: Trinity (Metropolis Music Publishing), a piece for bass trombone and piano (or vibraphone)
  • De Zotte Koning (’the mad king’) suite for the Royal Music Chapel of the Marines, performed in Oostende
  • compositions for Kyoko Baertsoen (Lunascape, Hooverphonic)
  • Trinity for bass trombone and vibes
  • arrangements for 3xGoud, a music theatre on the occasion of 150 years Academie voor Podiumkunsten Aalst
  • Karel (piano), Mieke Delauré (cello) and Geike Arnaert (vocals) on September 10th at BOZAR in Brussels at the Klarafestival
  • official cd presentation of Radea at Blue Note Festival Ghent
  • Radea, Chroma’s debut album – line-up: David Linx and Geike Arnaert (Hooverphonic) (vocals), Peter Hertmans (guitar),Ingrid Weetjens (vocals), Tuur Florizoone (accordion) and Peter Schneider (percussion)
  • Conversations, a combination of jazz and fusion, with accordionist Tuur Florizoone (Tricycle) and actress Hilde Heijnen, playwright by Alain Pringels (theatre company De Appel – The Hague)
  • Stop!: for this stalled project, Karel Van Marcke writes the music in a week based on existing choreography and libretto
  • composition of several songs for the album Radea by Chroma
  • Commenius Project: music and arrangements for a children’s musical, performed by the children of the primary school Sint–Bavo–Instituut Ghent
  • Mijn Kapellekensbaan (My Chapel Road)
    • commissioned by the Aalsters Componistenplatform
    • for jazz ensemble, narrator/actor and dancer
    • based on L.P. Boon’s Kapellekensbaan
    • directed by Anton Coghe
  • Chroma and Hilde Heijnen at the Gentse Feesten
  • Moenie worrie nie! : arrangements for the musical theatre (Aalst)

naar boven  ↑

  • Senses for Life wins the Sabam Composition Prize 2005 (European Jazz Contest in Hoeilaart).
  • foundation of jazz band Chroma
  • Hommage for piano and violin commissioned by vzw Muza (Aalst)
  • Suite for Organ, a classical organ piece, commissioned by the Internationaal Orgelfestival in Veurne
  • Commenius Project: music and arrangements for a children’s musical, performed by the children of Sint–Bavo–Instituut Ghent (primary school)
  • Rotary Wheels (Overture for a Stranger) commissioned by the Flemish Radio Orchestra
  • guest composer at the Brussels Royal Conservatory on the occasion of the Belgian Jazz Composers’ Week
  • De Zotte Koning (The Mad King): a multimedia jazz concert
    • script by actor/director Alain Pringels
    • based on a jazz composition by Karel Van Marcke
    • video fragments by Visual Kitchen
    • voices: Eddy Vereycken and Hilde Heijnen
    • sound processing: Köhn
  • Remembrance, Jambangle’s 2nd album
  • Zappa Meets Bond: project by Jambangle
    • with Kyoko Baertsoen and Tom Van Landuyt
    • work of Frank Zappa and film music from the James Bond movies
  • tour with Jambangle for the JazzLab Series
  • Trinity Song, Jambangle’s debut album
  • Stringquartet 1
    • commissioned by Soloists of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Luxembourg
    • Rubio String Quartet played the Belgian premiere in June 2001
  • Symfollies
    • with Michel Bisceglia and Werner Bellon
    • arrangements for an animated television series
  • Jambangle performs on Radio Klara Day in Hasselt
  • Changes wins the Sabam Composition Prize 2000 (European Jazz Contest in Hoeilaart) – Sebastian Gampert’s Contrast Sextet receives the second prize for best performance of a Belgian piece
  • compositions for Jambangle’s debut album: Trinity Song
  • Children (piano solo)
  • Triptic: brass quintet for the Soloists of the National Orchestra of Belgium
  • Ouverture for Symphonic Brassband:
    • for the exam Composition and Arrangement
    • by Erwin Vann, Stephan Brackaval, Michel Bisceglia, Muziekkapel van de Gidsen…
  • Eurostar soundtrack
    • two promotional movies for the British High Speed
    • presented to Tony Blair and the British Parliament
  • arrangements for large string orchestra commissioned by Michel Bisceglia
  • Variations on a theme called Equinox for large jazz ensemble
  • soundtrack for the V-lux promotion movie
  • Birth of the Monday Night Suite for large jazz ensemble
  • Train tune for large jazz ensemble